Definition of packthread in English:



  • Thick thread for sewing or tying up packages.

    ‘The horse sports ‘a woman's crupper of velour, which hath two letters for her name fairly set down in studs, and [is] here and there pieced with packthread.’’
    • ‘I thought I saw a lucid interval in George the other night - he broke in upon my studies just at tea-time, and brought with him Dr. A, an old gentleman who ties his breeches' knees with packthread, and boasts that he has been disappointed by ministers.’
    • ‘Boil different sorts of vegetables together, including half a peck of pens, and a cabbage blanched, cut in quarters, and tied with packthread.’



/ˈpakˌTHred/ /ˈpækˌθrɛd/