Definition of pad thai in English:

pad thai


mass noun
  • A Thai dish based on rice noodles.

    • ‘The staple pad thai (rice noodles with eggs, beansprouts and toasted peanuts) was suitably hot-sweet and once more studded with big bouncy prawns.’
    • ‘The couple serve the spicy curry and noodle dishes, such as pad thai and pineapple chicken curry, that Jamnian learned to make as a young woman by watching her mother, aunts and family friends.’
    • ‘For here there is sushi, there is crispy duck with hoisin sauce, there is dim sum, pad thai, Szechwan chicken, Shanghai snapper, vegetable curry and soft-shell crab with Mexican chilli.’
    • ‘Remember the days when pad thai was considered exotic?’
    • ‘I had the vegetarian pad thai, which consists of rice noodles, onions, bean sprouts and firm tofu in a peanut sauce.’
    • ‘In culinary terms it's garlic mushrooms then pad thai and strawberry cheesecake.’
    • ‘When eating Thai food I routinely choose pad thai - a noodle-based meal which is the closest thing Thailand has to a national dish - partly because it's a favourite, but also because it is a good indicator of the standard of cooking.’
    • ‘I've recently become addicted to falafel, which joins Vietnamese Pho soup, gelato, Ethiopian injera bread, pad thai, and schnitzel as some of my favourite things to eat.’
    • ‘The pad thai ($6.95 for beef or chicken, $7.95 for shrimp) came next and was very disappointing.’
    • ‘They may pretend to like pad thai or grilled prawns or the occasional curry, but twice a week they need their culinary comforts, their hamburgers and their pizzas.’
    • ‘The pad thai was ample, the coconut milk curry rich and teeming.’
    • ‘The pad thai could have used more chiles and lime juice to balance the grease, but at least it contained a generous portion of seafood, including imitation crab, shrimp and calamari.’
    • ‘I am taught the difference between fresh rice noodles (served with fish balls) and the dried ones used in pad thai, as well as what goes into the batter (coconut milk, sugar, rice flour) for the banana fritters frying at a roadside stall.’
    • ‘The pad thai was excellent, as was the complex-tasting beef with spinach.’
    • ‘After a chat and some pad thai, I wandered out down Prince Street to find a cappuccino and someone came up to ask me for directions.’
    • ‘Lunch could be spring rolls, pad thai and and beer at the Golden Triangle.’
    • ‘Are you fed up with messes of gummy, ketchup-laced pad thai that feed a table of four?’
    • ‘I love anything with hokkien noodles in it (noodles are actually the perfect food), and I'd highly recommend the pad thai.’
    • ‘I ate the pad thai anyway, and it's safe to say that I won't be revisiting this particular establishment.’
    • ‘Our dinner menu includes an appetizer of easy grilled satay and a simple pad thai, both of which are largely made ahead of time.’




pad thai

/pad ˈtʌɪ/