Definition of paddle wheel in English:

paddle wheel


  • A large steam-driven wheel with boards around its circumference, situated at the stern or side of a ship so as to propel the ship through the water by its rotation.

    ‘With a paddle wheel on each side of the ship, it was found far more convenient in terms of visibility to command the ship from a bridge across the driving machinery between the two wheels.’
    • ‘But steamships were improving as the screw propeller replaced the paddle wheel and iron replaced wood.’
    • ‘In 1845, the British Admiralty sponsored a demonstration to determine which was superior, the paddle wheel or screw propeller; the latter clearly won.’
    • ‘By contrast, paddle wheelers lose nothing by being big, and it's easy to link the paddle wheel to the cage wheel amidships.’
    • ‘The front wheel doubles as a paddle wheel and has no hub but instead tracks along its rim.’
    • ‘The wreck isn't that big and working your way carefully along the gunwhale it's not long before you reach the remains of the port side paddle wheel.’
    • ‘The crank shaft turned the paddle shaft, which ultimately turned the paddle wheel.’
    • ‘Mostly buried in sand at a depth of 15m, the intact paddle wheel makes her perhaps the most photogenic wreck in Bermuda's waters.’
    • ‘Within easy striking distance of the west end of the island are two wrecked steamers, the 1904 Michel Say and the Ville De Grasse of 1870, with its paddle wheel still intact.’
    • ‘The port-side paddle wheel was taller than I was.’
    • ‘Swimming in place against the steady flow created by the paddle wheel is as natural as doing laps in a pool.’
    • ‘Leaning sideways, she observed the enormous sea-green paddle wheel churning up the river behind the ferry and propelling the Varuna forward.’
    • ‘In its rigging, sails, banners, planks, and deeply curved outline, the ship most resembles a seagoing Chinese junk, with the addition of paddle wheel and funnel.’
    • ‘During the nineteenth century, as steam engines got smaller, more powerful, and more fuel-efficient, they began to be installed in ships, initially driving paddle wheels, and later the more efficient screw propeller.’
    • ‘The ferry was two stories tall and had large paddle wheels perched on each side.’
    • ‘The first steam warships were propelled by paddle wheels, which proved too vulnerable in battle.’
    • ‘In 1835 the Jardine, another steam vessel, sailed from Scotland to China with her engine and paddle wheels stowed below decks.’
    • ‘On each side of the hull, a platform of deck extended out forward and aft of the paddle wheels.’
    • ‘The Demologos was an unseaworthy twin-hulled floating battery with her paddle wheels carried internally, designed to protect New York harbour.’
    • ‘The first instance of steam adapted to propel ships dates to the late eighteenth century in France, where small boats with side-mounted paddle wheels were tested on rivers.’


paddle wheel

/ˈpadl ˌ(h)wēl/ /ˈpædl ˌ(h)wil/