Definition of paillette in English:



  • 1A piece of glittering material used to ornament clothing; a spangle.

    ‘Simply put, paillettes are part of the bangle, spangle and sequin family.’
    • ‘Textures included silk velvets, velveteen and devorés, paillettes and satins.’
    • ‘Sequins and paillettes are also popular, according to associates at the stores.’
    • ‘Reversed embroidery, paillettes and simple knits were the finishing embellishments on its clothes.’
    • ‘Silk taffeta is lit up with metallic yarns; mesh is wired for a new look; and paillettes add reflections to fabrics.’
    1. 1.1A piece of bright metal used in enamel painting.
      ‘Titled ‘Twinkle Twinkle,’ her show comprised a hyperrealistic sculpture executed on a grand scale, a mural of shimmering paillettes and five acrylic-on-lame paintings, each measuring 40 inches square.’
      • ‘Black Narcissus is a large triptych sheathed in black, gray and iridescent silver paillettes.’



/pīˈyet/ /paɪˈjɛt/ /päˈ(y)et/ /pɑˈ(j)ɛt/ /pəˈlet/ /pəˈlɛt/


Mid 19th century from French, diminutive of paille, from Latin palea ‘straw, chaff’.