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  • 1A box holding dry paints for painting pictures.

    ‘Every one also has easels standing tall, accompanied by a weathered table speckled with paint and sporting a paintbox and palettes.’
    • ‘He started painting only four years ago, after spotting a paintbox in an art shop window in Scarborough.’
    • ‘If we're all a piece of art, then computers are just another brush in the paintbox.’
    • ‘And his paintboxes grow legs and walk over to him so he doesn't have to stand up and go get them.’
    • ‘‘We'll give him a purple coat from my paintbox by and by,’ said Bertie.’
    • ‘So, I did the big sigh thing, pulled out my paintbox and brushes, taped a postcard onto my small drawing board, closed my eyes and… out popped another rural cottage scene.’
    • ‘That ‘something’ is generally held to be the gift of a paintbox from a girlfriend on his 21st birthday, but that seems to have been part of a wider epiphany.’
    • ‘And, once we'd had lunch, and a nap, I settled down with my paintbox and a bottle of claret to an afternoon and evening of watercolour experiments.’
    • ‘A paintbox in jewel-tones lay opened on the bedside table, and a collection of tiny brushes.’
    • ‘Many studios also contained a cabinet with drawers in which to keep pigments, media, and brushes dust-free, with a hinged top which lifts to reveal paints in a tray or paintbox below.’
    • ‘Brightly painted butterflies and Easter eggs are drawn with black outlines and colors that seem to come from a child's paintbox.’
    • ‘However, he did keep an easel and paintbox in his studio.’
    1. 1.1Paintbox Trademark An electronic system used to create video graphics by storing filmed material on disk and manipulating it using a graphics tablet.
      ‘It is understood the company has raised around €800,000 in funding to date from private investors including John Reddy of graphic design company Paintbox.’
      • ‘With the development of programs like Paintbox and Photoshop, computers began to color the work of traditional artists as well.’
      • ‘Called Paintbox, it allows youngsters aged four to 12 to paint on real cars, while the under-fours can draw and paint on special child-sized easels.’



/ˈpāntˌbäks/ /ˈpeɪntˌbɑks/