Definition of Paiute in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpīˌ(y)o͞ot/ /ˈpaɪˌ(j)ut/ /ˌpīˈ(y)o͞ot/ /ˌpaɪˈ(j)ut/

nounPaiute, Paiutes

  • 1A member of either of two culturally similar but geographically separate and linguistically distinct North American peoples, the Southern Paiute of the southwestern US and the Northern Paiute of Oregon and Nevada.

    ‘The Winnemucca family consistently urged Paiutes toward accommodation of non-Indians and selective acculturation.’
    • ‘In 1878, the Bannocks and Paiutes of Idaho and eastern Oregon were defeated.’
    • ‘He wanted to make sure that the officer knew that, to the Paiutes, the skulls were more than merely missing evidence.’
    • ‘Ben Cartwright was a white man, but he had been kind to the Paiute.’
    • ‘All are very old - many predate the arrival of Northern Paiutes here by thousands of years.’
  • 2Either of the Uto-Aztecan languages of the Paiute.

    ‘When she moved away, she missed her family, missed the open space, missed hearing Paiute - ‘our language,’ she says.’
    • ‘Someone spoke in Paiute, and kept pushing on his side.’
    • ‘The Bannock people speak a dialect of Northern Paiute.’
    • ‘To some people the sounds of Northern Paiute, for example, seem loud and very masculine, and perhaps monotonous.’


  • Relating to the Paiute or their languages.

    ‘And who knows how many words of Pueblo, Ute, Hopi, or Paiute origin have become part of the Navajo language?’
    • ‘Many other Paiute groups have actively taken steps to preserve their language.’
    • ‘Adam recognized the word as the Paiute term for medicine man, or healer.’
    • ‘I have some herb medicine your father's Paiute friends gave him.’
    • ‘He was dressed in traditional Paiute clothing, complete with moccasins, and his hair was kept back from his forehead with a leather thong.’
    • ‘With skulls and bones now reunited, the ceremony will happen on an unmarked section of Paiute land in Nevada, to guard against further looting.’
    • ‘‘This tragedy was not about race,’ Stafford said, ‘but someone's hoping to set off a race war by twisting things to turn people against the Paiute community.’’
    • ‘He laid the two Paiute children to rest, in a plastic garbage sack, next to the strawberry patch.’


From Spanish Payuchi, Payuta, influenced by Ute.