Definition of palaestra in English:



(also palestra)
  • (in ancient Greece and Rome) a wrestling school or gymnasium.

    ‘Part of the adjacent tepidarium was also revealed, together with a furnace-house, service rooms and part of the palaestra or exercise-yard with the remains of a cockfighting pit.’
    • ‘This piece of masonry, 7.3 m. high, formed part of the palaestra of the public baths, the plan of which is laid out in front of the Museum.’
    • ‘Found in the south-east palaestra or exercise court of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome in 1545, it was heavily restored and fitted out as a fountain by the Farnese.’
    • ‘The gymnasium included a large palaestra surrounded by columns, and the baths in the east wing were fully equipped during the reign of Trajan when the emperor had the roof repaired.’
    • ‘He noted two features special to Eastern baths: the absence of the palaestra (exercise court) and the diminished importance of the frigidarium (cold plunge).’
    track and field events, sporting events, sports, games, organized games, matches, races, contests, competitions



/pəˈlestrə/ /pəˈlɛstrə/


Via Latin from Greek palaistra, from palaiein ‘wrestle’.