Definition of paleoecology in English:



(British palaeoecology)
  • The ecology of fossil animals and plants.

    ‘An important aspect of palaeobotanical research is to unravel the palaeoecology of plant fossils to use the results in reconstructing ecosystems.’
    • ‘The book presents an impressive compendium of issues related to the study of biogeography and its applications to fields ranging from paleoecology to conservation biology.’
    • ‘Percentages can be misleading, however-only three times since 1926 have more than 10 publications dealt with stromatoporoid paleoecology.’
    • ‘Acritarchs continue to be used in studies of Proterozoic paleoecology and stratigraphy, even though their systematic affinities are still not well understood.’
    • ‘The results of this study indicate that fossil avifaunal remains deserve more serious attention as a source of information about taphonomy and paleoecology.’



/ˌpālēōˌəˈkäləjē/ /ˌpeɪlioʊˌəˈkɑlədʒi/