Definition of paleopathology in English:



(British palaeopathology)
  • The branch of science concerned with the pathological conditions found in ancient human and animal remains.

    ‘Most afflictions that lead to death leave no trace on bone, but where soft tissue has survived palaeopathology (the study of ancient disease) can reveal a great deal.’
    • ‘Physical anthropology and palaeopathology are also yielding an increasing quantity of data.’
    • ‘Readers who have had relatively little exposure to research in paleopathology may be surprised by just how much information the remains convey.’
    • ‘Some thirty students have done thesis investigations for a doctoral or a master's degree in paleopathology.’



/ˌpālēōpəˈTHäləjē/ /ˌpeɪlioʊpəˈθɑlədʒi/