Definition of paleotemperature in English:



  • The temperature or mean temperature of a locality at a time in the geological past.

    ‘In this Port Waikato example, samples successively closer to the modern coastline experienced progressively higher palaeotemperatures in the past.’
    • ‘Palaeothermal data provide no evidence for elevated Palaeogene palaeotemperatures indicative of deeper burial, and thus question the basis of Palaeogene exhumation.’
    • ‘He developed a means of inferring marine paleotemperatures over geologic time by measuring the oxygen isotope ratios of carbonates in marine sediments.’
    • ‘Determination of maximum palaeotemperatures over a range of depths allows the palaeogeothermal gradient at the onset of cooling to be determined.’
    • ‘This shows clearly that maximum palaeotemperatures decreased eastward independent of stratigraphic position.’



/ˌpālēōˈtemp(ə)rəCHər/ /ˌpeɪlioʊˈtɛmp(ə)rətʃər/ /ˌpālēōˈtemp(ə)rəCHo͝or/ /ˌpeɪlioʊˈtɛmp(ə)rətʃʊr/