Definition of palisade layer in English:

palisade layer


  • A layer of parallel elongated cells below the epidermis of a leaf.

    • ‘Alethopteris generally has small, thick pinnules with a thick epidermis and hypodermis, sunken stomata, epidermal hairs, and an adaxial palisade layer with abaxial spongy mesophyll.’
    • ‘Therefore, cell files of the palisade layer, located between two adjacent vascular bundles, were used for measurement.’
    • ‘In the palisade layer adjacent to the lignified counterpalisade cells, the outer periclinal walls stained intensely with berberine - aniline blue, emitting a yellowish green fluorescence under UV light.’
    • ‘Lateral cell expansion was estimated from the number of epidermal cells and cells in the first palisade layer intersecting a 100 m line.’
    • ‘The palisade layer in Glycine seeds has been identified as the site of the barrier to diffusion.’