Definition of palm-greasing in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Bribery used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business.

    ‘after considerable palm-greasing, the plan for a commercial building was approved’
    • ‘In the initial phase of their ascent on the ladder of material prosperity they had indulged in some palm-greasing themselves.’
    • ‘Ever since the scandal of extensive palm-greasing to secure the winter Games for Salt Lake City, the Olympic process has been hardened up.’
    • ‘Much of the corruption takes the form of bureaucratic palm-greasing, with clerks demanding small bribes to stamp forms or police officers at checkpoints requiring truck drivers to pay to enter cities.’
    • ‘The transformation of Italian business practices is simply moving from one of palm-greasing between local businessmen, politicians and state bank governors, to one of international corruption.’
    • ‘It's painful to watch the opening scenes of Paul's palm-greasing and glad-handing because there's nothing else to look at as each piece is snapped into place.’
    • ‘It takes several months of waiting and a fair amount of palm-greasing before the state owned utility installs a telephone connection.’
    • ‘Arbitrators can be influenced, whether by a charismatic negotiator or by palm greasing.’
    • ‘The group isn't above a bit of palm greasing.’
    • ‘Turns out there may have been some palm greasing involved by the contractor who was awarded the bid to replace the park with high-priced condos.’
    • ‘We have too many unproductive bureaucrats on our books not to be suspicious of further palm greasing behind closed doors.’
    corruption, subornation