Definition of palm oil in English:

palm oil


mass noun
  • Oil from the fruit of certain palms, especially the West African oil palm.

    • ‘People in west Africa use red palm oil, which is rich in b carotene, in cooking, so rarely develop vitamin A deficiency.’
    • ‘The export of palm oil and kernels, copra (dried coconut), cocoa, fish, and timber constitute the bulk of the country's trade.’
    • ‘Enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, palm oil and essential oils, this bar cleans, hydrates and conditions the face and body, and gives great shave foam!’
    • ‘Cooking oil producing companies in Zambia raised concerns over the palm oil content in imported oil from Kenya saying palm oil did not originate from that country.’
    • ‘These things are coated with sugar palm kernel oil, partially hydrogenated coconut oil and hydrogenated palm oil.’
    • ‘There isn't enough palm oil to raise cholesterol, but adding palm oil is no more natural than adding lard.’
    • ‘The palm oil and peanut used to marinate the leaves provide a nice touch without overpowering the fibrous greens.’
    • ‘Now that can easily change by importation of things like palm oil or coconut oil from around the area, which could easily make the industry rise to the order of several billion litres a year.’
    • ‘Sauces usually have a base of palm oil and ground peanuts.’
    • ‘Different bottles signal whether it's cheap Nigerian gasoline, lamp oil or palm oil for sale.’
    • ‘Crime syndicates in the area were believed to be targeting vessels carrying valuable palm oil and gas oil.’
    • ‘The most abundant sources of industrial fatty acids are coconut oil, palm oil, and soybean oil.’
    • ‘In 1808, the importation of palm oil from Africa did not exceed 100 or 200 barrels per year.’
    • ‘The paste is made from crushed peanuts, often with palm oil and salt added but, healthwise, it is better without either.’
    • ‘Generously grease the heated surface of a flat griddle with peanut or palm oil.’
    • ‘For instance, coconut oil and palm oil are among the most saturated of all fats.’
    • ‘The mass production of palm oil to grease the machines of early industrial Europe began the process.’


palm oil