Definition of Palm Pilot in English:

Palm Pilot


  • A brand of handheld computer.

    • ‘If, like myself, you have previously used a Palm Pilot and always wanted some special software, you will be better off with this.’
    • ‘Could I actually put multiple windows on something the size of a Palm Pilot?’
    • ‘We found a Palm Pilot and we uploaded a map onto it.’
    • ‘You have a Palm Pilot and use it to store recipes.’
    • ‘When holding a Palm Pilot, the viewer would receive, via an infrared beam, an on-screen digital animation that responded to touch with a comic commentary on the object at hand.’
    • ‘‘These times are set by the starter who uses a Palm Pilot, that communicates with the units via infrared,’ Grundenberg said.’
    • ‘Five years ago I bought a Palm Pilot and discovered that I didn't have enough appointments to make it worthwhile - so I wound up not using it all that much.’
    • ‘Middle-class kids today need a Palm Pilot to keep track of all of their violin lessons, skating competitions, church classes, and soccer meets.’
    • ‘You were looking for something like a Palm Pilot?’
    • ‘She had a new-looking model of a Palm Pilot out and was casually occupied with tapping at something on the backlighted display with an aluminum stylus.’