Definition of palm someone off in English:

palm someone off

phrasal verb

  • Persuade someone to accept something by deception.

    ‘most sellers are palmed off with a fraction of what something is worth’
    • ‘When I reported this to the supermarket, they palmed me off to some company they claimed monitored the car park for them.’
    • ‘She turned vegetarian at the age of four and her parents tried to palm her off with fish fingers.’
    • ‘The quicker they palm you off, the more they make.’
    • ‘I told the steward about it and felt that nothing was done and that I was palmed off.’
    • ‘The theme this time is inspired by the reality TV show where a poor construction worker is palmed off as a millionaire in order to humiliate women and allow Joe to transcend class.’
    • ‘‘We need real assurances to these important matters and we do not want to be palmed off in a pious manner by the British Government with weak excuses,’ he added.’
    • ‘I will NOT be palmed off with these priestly evasions!’
    • ‘Perhaps that's why he was subsequently palmed off with the less demanding task of running the national economy.’
    • ‘Motto: be clear what you want from a situation that has gone wrong and don't be palmed off.’
    • ‘Again, you have to be insistent, and not be palmed off by the person who answers the phone.’