Definition of palm squirrel in English:

palm squirrel


  • An Old World squirrel that frequents palm trees, especially a tree squirrel with a striped back and a shrill birdlike call.

    Genus Funambulus and other genera, family Sciuridae: several species, in particular the five-striped northern palm squirrel (F. pennanti), which is common in and around human habitation in northern India

    ‘A stepwell was host not only to people but also to entire communities of bees, fish, lizards, palm squirrels, parrots, pigeons, and turtles.’
    • ‘The stripes on the Palm Squirrel's back are explained by a Hindu legend.’
    • ‘The African palm squirrels (genus Epixerus) are long-legged runners that forage only on the ground.’


palm squirrel

/pä(l)m ˈskwər(ə)l/ /pɑ(l)m ˈskwər(ə)l/