Definition of palmer in English:



  • 1 historical A pilgrim, especially one who had returned from the Holy Land with a palm frond or leaf as a sign of having undertaken the pilgrimage.

    ‘As a palmer (pilgrim) turned hangman, Robin rescued three of his men.’
    • ‘This last deals with a debate between a Palmer (pilgrim), a Pardoner, an apothecary and a Pedlar.’
    1. 1.1An itinerant monk traveling from shrine to shrine under a vow of poverty.
      • ‘In 1608 Edward Topsell, a naturalist, called them "Palmer" worms - so named after the "palmer", or wandering monk - because of their roving habits and ruggedness.’
  • 2A hairy artificial fly used in angling.

    ‘Step 4: Tie in hackle and wind in palmer style to bend’
    • ‘Dressing a fly by winding the hackle the length of the body is mentioned in fly fishing books of the fifteenth century. It is called the palmer style of dressing.’
    • ‘The soldier palmer fly is like all palmered flies inasmuch as it has a thick body with a few or no tail fibres and no wings.’



/ˈpä(l)mər/ /ˈpɑ(l)mər/


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French, from medieval Latin palmarius ‘pilgrim’, from Latin palma ‘palm’.