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(also palmtop computer)
  • A computer small and lightweight enough to be held in one hand.

    ‘That's because the diminutive size of handheld computers - PDAs, palmtops or Pocket PCs - is both a blessing and a curse.’
    • ‘If you have an Internet café at your church, guests will want to access the Internet from their laptops, palmtops, and PDAs.’
    • ‘Laptops, palmtops, and other gadgetry are quickly taking over many campuses.’
    • ‘Even laptops and palmtops are taking over the erstwhile super computers' importance.’
    • ‘The spirometer was connected to the palmtop computer via a serial port.’
    • ‘Its software lets companies access their computer systems from anywhere in the world, offering access by palmtops, laptops or mobile phones.’
    • ‘Bluetooth allows gadgets such as palmtops, printers and cellphones to communicate over the air at 1 megabit per second.’
    • ‘He said that Prof Barrett did not have access to the palmtop, the laptop to which the files were backed up, or the data itself.’
    • ‘Another factor contributing to the high performance of patients is the automatic real-time analysis of the tests by the palmtop computer.’
    • ‘The patients also indicated that they were interested in sending messages via the palmtop computer to the physician.’
    • ‘A Windows-powered smart phone offers the same ability as a palmtop to synchronise data with your computer, and is half the size.’
    • ‘US buyers spent more than $1 billion on palmtops last year, more than twice the $436 million they forked out in 1999.’
    • ‘‘Certainly,’ he replies, making a few commands on his palmtop computer and handing it to Adele.’
    • ‘He pulled out a palmtop computer and plugged it into an outlet in the wall.’
    • ‘Nathan moves to the other side of his desk and picks up his palmtop computer and mobile phone before locking it with a tiny silver key.’
    • ‘Soon we will start to see devices arriving that combine palmtop computers with cellphones with Internet devices with GPS systems.’
    • ‘It remains to be seen if this is the first of many such viruses on palmtop computers.’
    • ‘With the advent of the mobile phone, e-mail and the palmtop, workers are supposedly benefiting from greater freedom and more time to enjoy themselves.’



/ˈpä(l)mˌtäp/ /ˈpɑ(l)mˌtɑp/