Definition of paloverde in English:



  • A thorny yellow-flowered tree that grows along water courses in the warm desert areas of America.

    Genus Cercidium, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Sited on the grounds of the Mayo Clinic, amid cacti, paloverdes and desert flowers, as well as on the terraces and paths where patients stroll, were sculptures by 19 well-known artists.’
    • ‘Among the other new small champions you may recognize are the Texas redbud, yellow paloverde, mountain-laurel, and big sagebrush.’
    • ‘Presumably in response to this variation among host species in selection on egg size, females have evolved egg size plasticity in which they lay larger eggs on paloverde than on catclaw acacia.’
    • ‘Previous results indicate that females often encounter paloverde seeds prior to colonizing Texas ebony in central Arizona.’
    • ‘Females not exposed to paloverde seeds during egg maturation produce progeny that are very much less capable of developing on seeds of Texas ebony.’


Early 19th century from Latin American Spanish, literally ‘green tree’.