Definition of palpably in English:



  • 1Noticeably or clearly.

    ‘palpably false claims’
    ‘the audience became palpably uncomfortable’
    • ‘The rest of the vignerons are waiting their turn in the spotlight, with palpably increasing dread.’
    • ‘The mood at the studios today is palpably buoyant.’
    • ‘Even in full costume, he was palpably nervous.’
    • ‘The tones were earthen, the lighting dim, the personas palpably real.’
    • ‘The citizens were palpably bad-tempered, caught up in the festive frenzy of acquisition.’
    • ‘There's something palpably sinister about the film's subtext.’
    • ‘Despite several pounds of snow wedged down my pants, the thrill that everyone had said I'd feel was palpably awakened.’
    • ‘The sense of claustrophobic conflict builds palpably.’
    • ‘Memorials were events for the living that forged contact with the absent dead, who were made palpably present.’
    • ‘The potential for abuse is extreme and palpably Orwellian.’
  • 2In a way that is able to be touched or felt.

    ‘the lymph nodes were palpably enlarged’
    • ‘Some 30 per cent of patients present with palpably enlarged nodes containing metastases.’
    • ‘The most common identifiable cause of male subfertility is a condition of palpably distended veins of the spermatic cord.’
    • ‘Signs may include a palpably enlarged stomach or an enlarged liver.’
    • ‘Usually, the affected organs are palpably enlarged.’
    • ‘A selective excision of palpably enlarged axillary lymph nodes was also performed at her request.’
    • ‘His remaining testis was palpably normal.’
    • ‘Healthy volunteers with palpably normal muscle tissue were recruited for this study.’
    • ‘This convergence of cells results in a palpably swollen feeling and appearance.’
    • ‘Sufferers often have palpably sore muscles in the neck, face, jaw, temple, and shoulders.’
    • ‘The eye was palpably swelling shut, and her whole vision was queerly violet.’