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  • 1Flamboyant confidence of style or manner.

    ‘he entertained Palm Springs society with great panache’
    • ‘It is cute, astute, cerebral football, a mirror image of their studious manager though with an added dash of style and panache.’
    • ‘Flaws cannot be concealed by style and panache.’
    • ‘It just confirms what local men in the know have always stressed - Kerry women have few equals when it comes to style and panache.’
    • ‘They enthralled the crowds night after night, giving them expert entertainment with real style and pure panache.’
    • ‘Although saddled with a convoluted plot, he has invested his film with enough grit, panache and edgy style to make it thoroughly gripping.’
    • ‘Yes, it is still the capital of North African style and panache.’
    • ‘But it was done with enough panache to give one confidence that our world may be unfolding as it should.’
    • ‘True enough, City perhaps failed to match the style and panache they had displayed just days earlier against Crewe.’
    • ‘Think of good Irish food, all local produce, being cooked with flair, enthusiasm and panache.’
    • ‘It covers a little-known subject with style and panache rather than strict historical accuracy.’
    • ‘Smith relied heavily on stylized dialogue, while his visuals show no style or panache at all.’
    • ‘What the movie does do, is move quickly with a great deal of style and panache.’
    • ‘You just have to admire a guy who brings style and panache to the otherwise drab world of bank robbery.’
    • ‘After a less than convincing start, she batted with style and panache to completely alter the course of the game.’
    • ‘Lang achieves his vision with panache, verve and high style.’
    • ‘The book teems with passion and panache and is graced with an authoritative yet absorbing style.’
    • ‘Hutch addressed all of these challenges with his characteristic enthusiasm, energy and panache.’
    • ‘With her typical panache and literary style, the author comes at the serial killer genre from a new angle.’
    • ‘Fashion is about fun, style, panache, and feeling good about yourself.’
    • ‘Fierce narrative inventions combine and collide with stylistic panache.’
    flamboyant confidence, flamboyance, confidence, self-assurance, style, stylishness, flair, elan, dash, flourish, verve, zest, spirit, brio, éclat, vivacity, vigour, gusto, animation, liveliness, vitality, enthusiasm, energy
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  • 2 historical A tuft or plume of feathers, especially as a headdress or on a helmet.

    ‘This picture shows us how to wear a plumed helmet with a warrior's panache.’
    • ‘Made of a colorful lame fabric the crown is wrapped with brown velvet and adorned at the side with brown ostrich feather panache.’
    comb, plume, tuft, topknot, mane
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/pəˈnaSH/ /pəˈnæʃ/ /pəˈnäSH/ /pəˈnɑʃ/


Mid 16th century from French, from Italian pennacchio, from late Latin pinnaculum, diminutive of pinna ‘feather’.