Definition of paneling in English:


(British panelling)

Pronunciation /ˈpanəliNG/ /ˈpænəlɪŋ/


  • Panels collectively, when used to decorate a wall.

    ‘the reception's walls are lined with light oak paneling’
    • ‘The walls were dark paneling, the ceiling had a very old, or primitive, or both, large fluorescent light hanging from the white ceiling.’
    • ‘A lift with polished oak wall panelling will serve all floors.’
    • ‘Sympathetically and lovingly restored by the Lorimer family around 1878, it has magnificent plaster ceilings, painted panelling and furniture designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.’
    • ‘Taking the two rings that were set into the oak panelling of each door, Francis pulled and they opened together.’
    • ‘The ceiling, wooden panelling and the floor were all affected.’
    • ‘An atrium ceiling with extensive panelling and an all-white decor and patio doors leading out to the rear garden make this space very bright.’
    • ‘The burning rubbish set fire to the wooden structure and its decorative panelling and burned a hole in the wall as well as causing damage to the roof.’
    • ‘Mom was placed against the wood panelling of the walls and there was considerable space between her and Dan.’
    • ‘Parker followed to the far wall where James inserted a magnetic card into a neatly concealed slot in the wall, and the wood paneling of the wall slid open to reveal a brightly lit corridor.’
    • ‘Some rafter systems are not deep enough to accept fiberglass batting and/or even enough to attach a vapor barrier or support a finished wall of paneling or gypsum board.’
    • ‘We boarded from a ladder stuck out the rear to enter a cabin with super-high ceilings, wooden paneling, and possibly even chandeliers.’
    • ‘The decor is rustic-elegant, with waist-high wooden paneling and cream walls.’
    • ‘The timber wainscot, panelling has been painted with a timber grain scumble.’
    • ‘The walls have wooden panelling, the timbers of the roof are exposed and the views over Glasgow are panoramic.’
    • ‘It was a spacious room, covered with white, carved paneling, and decorated with elegant French furniture.’
    • ‘As the mantelpiece and panelling indicate, their project is the improvement of a home: virtuous work serves domesticity, family values.’
    • ‘It has wooden panelling on one wall, a stone fireplace and built-in shelving.’
    • ‘Mushroom coloured tiles cover the floor and the walls are decorated in part with wooden panelling.’
    • ‘Try to avoid dark paneling, furniture and wall patterns.’
    • ‘Carved wooden paneling faced the whitewashed walls.’



/ˈpanəliNG/ /ˈpænəlɪŋ/