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(British panellist)
  • A member of a panel, especially in a formal public discussion.

    ‘The panelists were discussing what it takes to be a good anchor in newsrooms today.’
    • ‘Harding reappeared as a panellist on the fifth programme, broadcast on 13 August 1951.’
    • ‘Four panellists take questions from the audience on issues such as the cost of organic food, GM safety, affordability of good quality food, and the viability of buying local produce.’
    • ‘Johnny will keep his own brand of order over guest panellists drawn from those who write about, broadcast on and participate in sport who will compete for points.’
    • ‘Viewers will be invited to enter the discussion with Ray and the panellists through email and text, with a weekly challenge to beat the expert panel's score predictions.’
    • ‘The format of the event is designed to stimulate debate in a forum discussion, supplemented by a variety of masterclasses run by panellists and key contributors.’
    • ‘This is an instance of an audience member misunderstanding a panelist and being corrected.’
    • ‘Not that the webcast was entirely doom and gloom; panelists examined ways to adapt.’
    • ‘He came in for tough criticism over his handling of the All-Ireland semi-final from Sunday Game panelists.’
    • ‘Some panelists may double as members of the research committee, on which there will be no government representatives.’
    • ‘The three were panelists during a discussion here on Saturday about the prospects of the upcoming Assembly session.’
    • ‘As some panelists indicated, they begin by asking questions that point to an ethical process.’
    • ‘It is a discussion among the panelists with all of you able to comment online.’
    • ‘Following their prepared statements the moderator initiated a discussion among panelists.’
    • ‘The range of phenotypes both among panelists and among members of the audience was huge.’
    • ‘More than a year later, she was a panelist on a BBC radio program.’
    • ‘Three of the four panelists are current or former editorial page editors.’
    • ‘In the end, each side of the panellists agreed that the two countries should bridge the gap and merge their strengths together.’
    • ‘And the commission has continued to let the candidates nominate and veto panelists.’
    • ‘Leveling that kind of criticism gets easier as time goes on, panelists agreed.’



/ˈpanələst/ /ˈpænələst/