Definition of Pangloss in English:



  • A person who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances.

    ‘as factories moved out of the US in the 1970s, the Panglosses of the day called it progress’
    • ‘By the novel's end Pawkie, like a Scottish Pangloss, is announcing that reform is in the air and that the world is becoming better and better.’
    • ‘Brad Setser and Nouriel Roubini portray us as modern-day Panglosses for expecting an orderly adjustment of global economic imbalances and sustained U.S. hegemony.’
    • ‘One needn't be a Pangloss to dismiss the notion that the world can ever get ‘better.’’
    • ‘The President is ineligible for a Pangloss—otherwise he'd win it every time.’
    • ‘This is all part of a Pangloss view.’



/ˈpanˌɡlôs/ /ˈpænˌɡlɔs/ /ˈpanˌɡläs/ /ˈpænˌɡlɑs/


Late 18th century from the name of the tutor and philosopher in Voltaire's Candide (1759).