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‘‘Without the aggressive panhandlers, drunk street people or drug use in our washrooms, our members are free to think about improving a menu, renovating a store or putting up new decorations,’ he says.’
  • ‘Beggars, panhandlers and hustlers are more persistent and ingenious here than anywhere in India.’
  • ‘The meters were installed in response to complaints from local merchants that were losing business because some panhandlers were becoming aggressive and belligerent, refusing to move from doorways and harassing shoppers.’
  • ‘There are panhandlers here and there are panhandlers outside The Bay.’
  • ‘According to McCormick, ‘The potential for a great number of panhandlers to occupy our streets is certainly there.’’
  • ‘Recognizing a problem in the making, the Minneapolis police chief proposed requiring begging licenses that would facilitate the arrest of panhandlers.’
  • ‘After all, there are plenty of illegal aliens and panhandlers coming in to replace them.’
  • ‘In Yerevan, Armenia's capital, the number of BMWs seen rolling along city streets has mushroomed; and so have the ranks of panhandlers roaming those very same urban boulevards.’
  • ‘Based on the stories of abuse from last summer, and more recently, I would estimate that there are probably five officers who need to be disciplined for their conduct towards homeless panhandlers.’
  • ‘Seven million people pass every day through the subway system with its moving population of commuters, the occasional homeless persons and the subway musicians and panhandlers.’
  • ‘Recently, a San Francisco hotel association asked its guests not to give money to panhandlers because this just kept them hanging around, creating problems.’
  • ‘City officials and business people have come up with another scheme to end what they call the nuisance of ‘professional panhandlers.’’
  • ‘Many panhandlers hang out around fast food places.’



/ˈpanˌhan(d)lər/ /ˈpænˌhæn(d)lər/