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  • 1A popular cultivated viola with flowers in rich colors, with both summer- and winter-flowering varieties.

    Genus Viola, family Violaceae: several species and hybrids, in particular the commonly cultivated V. cornuta

    ‘Superb instant effects can be achieved by using semi-advanced seedlings of annual flowers such as lobelia, marigolds, pansies and primulas, which are all low-growing and suitable for containers.’
    • ‘I plant pansies and violas, too, for color now and again in spring.’
    • ‘Seed catalogues can usually be relied upon to indicate which pansies and violas are good for most if not all the winters we are likely to experience.’
    • ‘Try bulbs, wallflowers and pansies in spring, summer bedding for the hotter months, autumn and winter interest from chrysanthemums and foliage plants.’
    • ‘Houseproud John and Maggie Briggs filled the wrought-iron hayracks with trailing geraniums, busy Lizzies, wild cornflowers, lobelia and pansies.’
  • 2 offensive A gay man.

    1. 2.1A man who is seen as unmasculine, timid, or affected.



/ˈpanzē/ /ˈpænzi/


Late Middle English from French pensée ‘thought, pansy’, from penser ‘think’, from Latin pensare, frequentative of pendere ‘weigh, consider’.