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Pronunciation /pant/ /pænt/

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intransitive verb

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  • 1Breathe with short, quick breaths, typically from exertion or excitement.

    ‘he was panting when he reached the top’
    • ‘It was a stand off now, the two circling each other as they panted, short of breath, and sweat gleamed on their foreheads, dirt smeared across their faces.’
    • ‘We paused by a telephone pole, leaned against a garden wall, and panted in short urgent breaths.’
    • ‘We reached my house, panting and out of breath but excited nonetheless.’
    • ‘They leaned heavily against the wall, gasping and panting to catch their breath.’
    • ‘She panted quickly, her breaths coming in quick succession.’
    • ‘All my breath left me in one gasp and I panted for breath as he set me back down on my feet.’
    • ‘I pant heavily, taking short and rigid breaths as I swing my racquet violently, coming in contact with the ball as it bounces off of my yellow garage door, zooming back at me.’
    • ‘As I stood panting for breath after an hour's walk in Amazon-like conditions, the man leading us called a halt.’
    • ‘He seamed to be panting heavily, breathing in deep, short and furious gasps as if he had been running forever.’
    • ‘I was breathless from the moment and was panting for breath.’
    • ‘She couldn't catch her breath; she was panting for air, sweating profusely, her vision spinning.’
    • ‘She panted deeply, breath coming in raspy bursts.’
    • ‘Finally he calmed down, his chest heaving as he panted, his heart still pounding in his chest.’
    • ‘Elvira collapsed into a corner, still panting, her chest heaved up and down.’
    • ‘He was panting heavily, his chest heaving, as if he had just run a great distance.’
    • ‘My chest heaved, I was panting, and my hair had become stringy and was sticking to my sweaty neck and face.’
    • ‘Syd panted, her heart rate slowly returning to normal.’
    • ‘He scrambled to his little feet, his eyes were wild with something old, stronger and feral, panting and gasping for air.’
    • ‘Lia was starting to sweat now. she looked as if she had ran for five miles, panting and heaving like that.’
    • ‘His body heaved as he panted, yet he seemed so weary he could hardly stay on his knees.’
    out of breath, breathless, short of breath, puffed out, puffing, huffing and puffing, puffing and blowing, gasping, gasping for breath, wheezing, wheezy, winded, short-winded
    breathe heavily, breathe hard, breathe quickly, puff, huff and puff, puff and blow, gasp, wheeze, heave, blow
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    1. 1.1with adverbial of direction Run or go in a specified direction while panting.
      ‘they panted up the stairs’
      • ‘She slid into the front hall and booked it up the stairs, leaving Bloom panting along behind her.’
      • ‘I puffed and panted my way down the stairs and along the corridors ‘til I got to the music rooms.’
      • ‘As she panted towards her second floor apartment, she clenched her palms against the banisters, as she had done in the parlour.’
      • ‘I arrived late and panted up the road to the gate of the palace between lines of armed police holding back the crowds.’
    2. 1.2with direct speech Say something breathlessly.
      ‘“We'll never have time,” she panted’
      • ‘"I am late," she pants with pouty jowls.’
      • ‘"I'm suffocating," she pants.’
    3. 1.3Long for, or long to do, something.
      ‘it makes you pant for more’
      • ‘America is such an enlightened and benign hegemon, they argue, that most states will pant for US leadership.’
      • ‘The complete domination that they pant for is so close and yet still not complete.’
      • ‘Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can't get and to promise to give it to them.’
      yearn for, long for, crave, hanker after, hanker for, pine for, ache for, hunger for, thirst for, be hungry for, be greedy for, be thirsty for, itch for, sigh for, be dying for, cry out for, wish for, desire, be consumed with desire for, want, covet
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    4. 1.4literary (of the heart or chest) throb violently from strong emotions.
      ‘His chest panting, the big Guaranzen saw Hark rush him once more.’
      • ‘Her chest was panting faster by the second as he looked at her with those passionate blue eyes.’
      throb, pound, thud, hammer, pulsate, pulse, pump, palpitate, race, beat heavily, go pit-a-pat, pitter-patter, vibrate, drum
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  • 1A short, quick breath.

    ‘Breath coming in short pants, he halted at the base of the tower.’
    • ‘His breath came in short pants, as if he really had been running.’
    • ‘He was covered in cold sweat and his breath came in short pants.’
    • ‘Her breath came in short pants as she stumbled backwards collapsing down onto the bed in a tousled heap.’
    • ‘Faolan snarled up at me, his eyes blazing, and his breath coming in short pants.’
    • ‘Zac immediately pulled away from her, his breath coming out in short pants, mimicking Sunny's own shallow breathing.’
    • ‘She glanced up at the gray sky, her breath coming out in a short, gasping pant.’
    • ‘The deep breaths soon turned into quick pants and finally Lamar gave one last cry.’
    • ‘My breath came out in short pants as I saw the house in view.’
    • ‘He was out of breath, and sweating, but after a few short pants began to speak.’
    • ‘She ran as fast as she could, her breath coming in fast short pants.’
    • ‘Her breath was coming in short pants.’
    • ‘Her breath comes in pants as she struggled to keep standing.’
    • ‘With a start she bolted up it her bed, her breaths coming in heavy pants as tears continued to make their way down her flushed cheeks.’
    • ‘Raven whimpered at the pain even as her breath came in rushed pants.’
    • ‘Her body was soaked in sweat and her breath came out in shallow pants.’
    • ‘Nadia asked between pants for breath, nearly two hours later as they neared the summit of the craggy bluff.’
    • ‘Ryoshi was breathing heavily as she ran through the corridors, her breath coming in hard pants.’
    gasp, puff, wheeze, breath
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    1. 1.1literary A throb or heave of a person's heart or chest.


Middle English related to Old French pantaisier ‘be agitated, gasp’, based on Greek phantasioun ‘cause to imagine’, from phantasia (see fantasy).