Definition of parabiotic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈätik/



See parabiosis

‘Culture of lung fibroblasts from wild-type mice of parabiotic pairs confirmed that 5 to 20% of lung fibreblasts could be derived from circulating blood, although such cells could not be cultured directly from blood.’
  • ‘Abe and coworkers generated parabiotic mice by joining green fluorescent protein transgenic mice and wild-type littermates.’
  • ‘The wild-type mice in parabiotic pairs that were given irradiation after vascular communication also maintained a common circulation (approximately 60% green ceils in blood) when assessed 2 weeks after irradiation.’
  • ‘In cancer, humoral factors elaborated by the tumor appear to be involved, because cachexia can be transferred from cancer-bearing to noncancer-bearing animals in parabiotic experiments.’
  • ‘The use of parabiotic animals provides a continuous source of donor-derived cells in the circulation and, therefore, may be crucial in providing fibroblast precursors.’