Definition of paracentesis in English:


nounplural noun paracenteses/-ˌsēz/

  • The perforation of a cavity of the body or of a cyst or similar outgrowth, especially with a hollow needle to remove fluid or gas.

    ‘Patients with new-onset ascites or clinical deterioration should undergo paracentesis.’
    • ‘A paracentesis done upon admission to the hospital was negative for tumor cells.’
    • ‘In patients with cirrhosis, ascites is treated with paracentesis and spironolactone.’
    • ‘A diagnostic paracentesis was performed and revealed blood and blood clot, consistent with a resolving hematoma.’
    • ‘From the data reviewed by this group, colloids are superior resuscitative agents and are important adjuncts in the therapy of dialysis-related hypotension and in the management of ascites requiring paracenteses.’



/ˌperəsenˈtēsəs/ /ˌpɛrəsɛnˈtisəs/


Late 16th century via Latin from Greek parakentēsis, from parakentein ‘pierce at the side’.