Definition of Paraclete in English:



  • (in Christian theology) the Holy Spirit as advocate or counselor (John 14:16, 26).

    ‘The theology of the Paraclete contains and promotes a theological-ontological congruence.’
    • ‘Johannine theology of the Paraclete points to a primary way in which participation in the exercise of political power can be a form of public witness to Christ.’
    • ‘And we confess the living Holy Spirit, the living Paraclete.’
    • ‘The Commandment and the Paraclete are yoked together with a resulting emphasis on discipleship as bearing true witness to Christ.’
    • ‘In Mark, Jesus is really absent - no Paraclete as in John; no Pentecost as in Luke-Acts; not even an ‘I am with you always’ as in Matthew.’



/ˈperəˌklēt/ /ˈpɛrəˌklit/


Via late Latin from Greek paraklētos ‘called in aid’, from para- ‘alongside’ + klētos (from kalein ‘to call’).