Definition of paracrine in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a hormone which has effect only in the vicinity of the gland secreting it.

    ‘It was suggested that beta-cell cAMP levels in islets are greater than those in dispersed cells due to the paracrine secretion of glucagon by islet a-cells, which was expected to increase release rate and lead to faster bursting.’
    • ‘To assess the possible involvement of a paracrine mechanism, normal human keratinocytes were exposed to SSR and culture medium was collected 24 h later.’
    • ‘Here, we systematically derive discrete models of cell-to-cell communication from a mechanistic description of autocrine and paracrine signaling in epithelial layers.’
    • ‘Numerous studies have examined the role of paracrine interactions within islets and the importance of gap junctions to islet stimulus-secretion coupling.’
    • ‘The excitability of DRG neurons may reflect a previously unsuspected chemosensory or paracrine role played by sensory ganglia.’



/ˈperəkr(ə)n/ /ˈpɛrəkr(ə)n/


1950s from para-‘beside’ + krinein ‘to separate’.