Definition of paracrystalline in English:


Pronunciation /ˌparəˈkristəlin/



See paracrystal

‘Spermatocytes synthesize large amounts of MSP and package it into paracrystalline arrays called fibrous bodies, which form a complex with novel structures termed membranous organelles (MOs).’
  • ‘An internal latticelike paracrystalline structure was discernible in the cross sections of some crystalloids.’
  • ‘Etioplasts are characterized by the lack of chlorophyll t and by their internal membrane system made of paracrystalline prolamellar bodies connected with some stromatal membranes, the prothylakoids.’
  • ‘Recent cryo-EM studies of immature retrovirus particles have shown that Gag polyproteins associate to form paracrystalline sheets, but the subsequently formed spherical virus shells apparently lack icosahedral symmetry.’
  • ‘The basal bodies also give rise to a paracrystalline organelle, the axostyle [B91], made up of multiple sheets of microtubules created or recruited by the preaxostyle [B91].’