Definition of parados in English:



  • An elevation of earth behind a fortified place as a protection against attack from the rear, especially a mound along the back of a trench.

    ‘The parados, to the rear, was a gently sloping ridge of debris left over from the digging of the trench.’
    • ‘Behind him on the other side of the trench, was a similar berm called the parados.’
    • ‘They call it ‘digging’ whether we do it with a spade in the dirt or when we mount stones with our hands to fix the parados and the parapet.’
    • ‘In five minutes, the lot of them have successfully navigated our position and are fully packed together in the immediate front of us, their heads disappeared beneath the level of the first trench's parados.’
    slope, rise, incline, gradient, ramp, acclivity, tump



/ˈperəˌdäs/ /ˈpɛrəˌdɑs/


Early 19th century French, from para- ‘protection against’ + dos ‘back’ (from Latin dorsum).