Definition of paragenetic in English:


Pronunciation /-jəˈnetik/



See paragenesis

‘A paragenetic sequence lists diagenetic processes in the chronological order that they affected the rocks under investigation.’
  • ‘The mineral assemblages of the Wessels-type ore may be subdivided into three large paragenetic groups: an early stage of alteration, the main phase of alteration, and minerals that formed during the waning stages of alteration.’
  • ‘Xenotime and monazite have paragenetic relationships with S 1 and S 2 minerals that are similar to those of kyanite and coarse-grained biotite, and indicate they also formed during the peak of metamorphism.’
  • ‘Because it was found in postore fractures, much of the gold in the Black Bear vein was deposited late in the paragenetic sequence.’
  • ‘The paragenetic relationships determined in this investigation indicate that sphalerite and galena are often intimately related in the form of dendrites.’