Definition of paraldehyde in English:



  • A liquid made by treating acetaldehyde with acid, used medicinally as a sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant.

    A cyclic trimer of acetaldehyde; chemical formula: (CH₃CHO)₃

    ‘Quinaldine can be made by reacting aniline, hydrochloric acid, and paraldehyde.’
    • ‘His first wife Vivienne had been prescribed Hoffman's anodyne and paraldehyde to treat her nervous condition, two anesthetics that exude a strong scent of ether.’
    • ‘A young woman had a fit, and all the paraldehyde and other Western intervention we tried would not stop it.’
    • ‘Parenteral paraldehyde may be indicated in the emergency treatment of status epilepticus and of convulsions induced by tetanus or eclampsia, when other agents are not effective.’



/pəˈraldəˌhīd/ /pəˈrældəˌhaɪd/