Definition of paralinguistic in English:


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  • Relating to or denoting paralanguage or the nonlexical elements of communication by speech.

    ‘I agree with his dissection of McClellan's delivery, and I think that all of the paralinguistic cues may have informed the White House stenographer's interpretation of McClellan's interjection.’
    • ‘From a practical standpoint, it is impossible to capture nonverbal and paralinguistic cues from early presidents' speeches.’
    • ‘Video-clips of instructors were used so that perceivers would have access to paralinguistic information, which is presumably important in altruist-detection.’
    • ‘Although these studies highlight the importance of the voice in the seductive interaction, the data about the paralinguistic features are quantitatively limited and qualitatively restricted to a perceptual analysis only.’
    • ‘A transcript was used rather than an audiotaped conversation so as to provide no paralinguistic or vocalic cues regarding the nature of the ambiguous evaluative comments.’



/ˌperəˌliNGˈɡwistik/ /ˌpɛrəˌlɪŋˈɡwɪstɪk/