Definition of parallel distributed processing in English:

parallel distributed processing

(also PDP)

Pronunciation /ˈperəˌlel dəˈstribyo͞odəd prəˈsesiNG/ /ˈpɛrəˌlɛl dəˈstrɪbjudəd prəˈsɛsɪŋ/


another term for connectionism
‘Much contemporary work in cognitive science on the set of models known as connectionist or parallel distributed processing models seems to share behaviorism's anti-nativism about learning.’
  • ‘Sympathy with Chomsky's approach to language often goes along with a lack of interest in other approaches, such as those explored by psychologists in recent years under labels such as connectionism and parallel distributed processing.’
  • ‘If one prefers a parallel distributed processing framework, then a word frequency effect is attributable to the connection weights on whichever pathway is used to translate orthography to phonology.’