Definition of parasitization in English:



(also British parasitisation)

See parasitize

‘Multicellular organisms continually defend themselves against parasitization by potentially harmful microbes.’
  • ‘We tested the reproductive compensation hypothesis against the alternative hypothesis that parasitization depresses host resource allocation to reproduction.’
  • ‘The idea that parasitization can be reduced through song modification has found some support in the finding that female flies show a ‘preference’ for certain song types.’
  • ‘They are known to attack Brown-headed Cowbirds, and the low rate of cowbird parasitization of their nests seems to indicate that their defense is effective.’
  • ‘Predation of a prey by a predator usually takes much more time than the parasitization of a host by a parasitoid.’



/ˌparəsiˌtīˈzāSHən/ /-sī-/