Definition of parasomnia in English:



  • Any of a group of sleep disorders characterized by the regular occurrence of abnormal movements, vocalizations, or experiences, such as sleepwalking, talking in one's sleep, or night terrors.

    ‘he's being treated for parasomnia at a sleep disorder clinic’
    • ‘Sleepwalking is a form of parasomnia, a class of sleep disorders characterized by partial wakefulness.’
    • ‘Nocturnal head banging, sleep talking and nocturnal leg cramps are other rare forms of parasomnia.’
    • ‘Almost 20-40 percent of all normal kids have parasomnia at least once in their lifetimes.’
    • ‘Keep reading to learn about the three categories of parasomnia (rhythmic, paroxysmal, and static disorders) and find out how you can help your child.’
    • ‘In some cases, parasomnia can cause people to commit crimes in their sleep.’



/ˌperəˈsämnēə/ /ˌpɛrəˈsɑmniə/


1930s blend of para- and insomnia.