Definition of parasternal in English:



  • Situated beside the sternum.

    ‘Three days later, the diaphragm and parasternal intercostals contained numerous inflammatory cells and necrotic muscle fibers.’
    • ‘The aponeuroses and muscles connecting the fractured ribs to the non-fractured ribs probably play a major role in transmitting the inspiratory force of the contracting parasternal intercostals to the flail portion of the chest.’
    • ‘The aortic root area was measured using the parasternal long-axis view.’
    • ‘Fluoroscopy showed the acupuncture needle, about 4 cm in length, to lie in the parasternal region of the left hemithorax.’
    • ‘CT or MRI clearly demonstrate the sternalis muscle as a longitudinal structure with a parasternal course.’



/ˌparəˈstərnəl/ /ˌpærəˈstərnəl/