Definition of paratactic in English:




See parataxis

‘One of the ideas put forth by many poets in the public talks and readings of the early 80s, for example, was that paratactic sentence structure in paragraphs rather than line breaks should be used by everyone, even uniformly.’
  • ‘In the paratactic flow of the passage, the pronoun ‘she’ is progressively distanced from a fixed and isolatable antecedent.’
  • ‘This is in part because its form is paratactic (a chain of separable links) and can therefore seem like a loose assemblage of small pieces without a coherent shape.’
  • ‘Yet this is not only a challenge for the reviewer: while their intricacy may be unavoidable, and even forms part of their charm, the essays' paratactic tendencies sometimes render them more dazzling than illuminating.’
  • ‘This paratactic quality becomes particularly apparent in the poem's second section, which begins with an abrupt shift in scene and image.’



/ˌperəˈtaktik/ /ˌpɛrəˈtæktɪk/