Definition of parataxis in English:



  • The placing of clauses or phrases one after another, without words to indicate coordination or subordination, as in Tell me, how are you?

    Contrasted with hypotaxis

    ‘A qualitative analysis of the two texts revealed a number of differences in discourse structure, including different patterns of hypotaxis and parataxis.’
    • ‘In a fundamental conflict between constative force and performative possibility, the assuring parataxis itself begins to serve as a resistant marker of performatives that potentially contradict its simple narrative.’
    • ‘The relation of coordination may be that of clause-chaining, parataxis, or conjunction.’
    • ‘With lyric intensity - developed through H.D.'s characteristic techniques of parataxis, syntactic parallelism, and repetition - Natalia admires the building.’
    • ‘You don't use parataxis very much but you get that suggestion through grammar.’



/ˌperəˈtaksəs/ /ˌpɛrəˈtæksəs/


Mid 19th century from Greek parataxis, from para- ‘beside’ + taxis ‘arrangement’ (from tassein ‘arrange’).