Definition of parathion in English:



  • A highly toxic synthetic compound containing phosphorus and sulfur, used as an agricultural insecticide.

    ‘These pesticides include the insecticides methyl parathion, lindane and DDT.’
    • ‘The organophosphate type of insecticides (examples parathion and malathion) vary greatly in their toxicity and hazard to man.’
    • ‘Some prominent examples are the insecticides parathion, fenitrothion, malathion, and phosphamidon.’
    • ‘In India, cases of pesticide poisoning have been reported ever since 1953, when 102 persons died of ethyl parathion, the first insecticide to be introduced in the country.’
    • ‘The agency has already taken the needed action limiting methyl parathion and chlorpyrifos.’



/ˌparəˈTHīˌän/ /ˌpærəˈθaɪˌɑn/


1940s from para- (sense 2) + thio-+ -on.