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parcel post

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  • Mail consisting of parcels.

    ‘And companies like United Parcel Service have taken over what used to be the postal service's parcel post.’
    • ‘As the old Post Office doesn't have an international parcel post, we continue round the corner to a rather more modest modern building.’
    • ‘Rural free delivery was the most direct response, but postal savings banks and parcel post also helped.’
    • ‘The services offered by post offices proliferated - the introduction of telegrams delivered by messenger boys; the establishment by Gladstone in 1861 of the Post Office Savings Bank; and the beginning of parcel post in 1883.’
    • ‘Sears, Montgomery Ward, and J. C. Penney sent their mail-order merchandise by express, not parcel post.’
    • ‘The mode of delivery is either express parcel post or courier, which means the customer would be holding the book he ordered just a couple of days later.’
    • ‘It is quite simple to enter a destination (zip code within the United States, country outside the United States), item weight, length, etc. and find out how much it will cost to ship first class, priority, parcel post, overnight, etc.’
    • ‘But I don't think you can ship a tractor by parcel post.’
    • ‘It is a three-dimensional magazine, a grown-up busy-box of tactile surprise, a wunderkammer that arrives via parcel post.’
    • ‘A skinned animal, believed to be a decapitated monkey, has been seized by Customs officers in Waterford city having been sent via parcel post from West Africa.’
    • ‘In principle, however, a nuclear device can reach its target by virtually any means, including automobiles and even parcel post.’
    • ‘Later in his life, he was sent by parcel post from Africa to his armchair in the British Library, where he resisted many efforts to remove him by force.’
    • ‘Mr. Coyote states that on December 13 th he received of Defendant via parcel post one Acme Rocket Sled.’
    • ‘Plus they could be coming parcel post (from the US, who knows?) so maybe I should be chasing red vans too.’
    • ‘Remember, 60% of customs seizures so far this year have come from parcel post.’
    • ‘This morning I am sending it by parcel post to Mr. Lynes, who has promised to hand it on to you.’


parcel post

/ˈpärs(ə)l ˌpōst/ /ˈpɑrs(ə)l ˌpoʊst/