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  • 1US dated, humorous

    nonstandard spelling of partner, used to represent dialect speech

    ‘I'm here with my pardner,Tex’
    • ‘Howdy pardner, Taylor ‘Psychosis’ Bell here once again to provide you with valuable information on a game you should avoid at all costs.’
    • ‘I mean, it's so okay to want the sturdy pardner who's there, more than there.’
    • ‘He invited me to come and stay with him and his pardner, in their diggins, and take pictures of mining operations.’
    • ‘Some pardners with years of experience in the business of watering holes have put their heads together to launch a new one, and they've swung open the doors just in time for the Calgary Stampede - and all the money it brings.’
    • ‘Howdy pardners, time to check what's in the OK Corral today.’
    • ‘The little girl on the right was his dance pardner.’
    • ‘‘You're right about that, pardner,’ said the Duke.’
    • ‘If you walk into the Navy Exchange Mini-Mart here in search of a six-pack of Coors Light at 7:01 p.m., you're out of luck, pardner.’
    • ‘‘Kidnapping young girls don't pay like it used to, pardner,’ Jack said.’
    • ‘Hey, pardner, you can be in his jock, and he'll get his shot off.’
    • ‘Well, pardner, shoot from the hip, 'cause if you don't lay out some ground rules, you might wind up getting two-stepped on.’
    • ‘Shop elsewhere, pardner, cause you ain't finding that on the shelves here.’
    • ‘But if Vic could speak today, he might well be saying, ‘Welcome to Las Vegas, pardner.’’
    • ‘And yes, before you get on your high culture-jamming horse, I know I'm not the first one to do this, so ease off pardner.’
    • ‘My favorite gun-toting, right-of-center, gay Texan has some interesting poll numbers for you to ponder, pardner.’
    • ‘That's some pretty good talking about not talking, pardner.’
    • ‘Well, then, perhaps you need to go check out Pottymouth, pardner!’
    • ‘Grab yourself a sarsaparilla, pardner, and join Judge Bill Treadway as he reviews this underrated Western.’
    • ‘Well then pardner, come on down to Dirt Rag territory for the Fifteenth Annual Punk Bike Enduro.’
    • ‘The President of the United States is coming to Canada, and Canadians ain't none too happy, pardner.’
    1. 1.1Used as a friendly form of address.
      ‘you and me, pardner, against the world’
      • ‘howdy, partner!’



/ˈpärdnər/ /ˈpɑrdnər/