Definition of pardoner in English:



  • A person licensed to sell papal pardons or indulgences.

    ‘Basically if you knew that you had sinned you would wait until a pardoner was in your region selling an indulgence and purchase one as the pope, being God's representative on Earth, would forgive your sins and you would be pardoned.’
    • ‘There's a prim prioress, a pardoner in shabby green velvet, an enigmatic woman in fur-trimmed crimson.’
    • ‘Although the custom has since curtailed, in Chaucer's time it was common for pardoners - dealers in pardons - to travel the countryside peddling their ‘wares’.’
    • ‘Chaucer's habit of poking fun at pardoners and summoners is not so much an example of impiety as a way of demonstrating how much virtue he has to spare.’
    • ‘It's just the kind of logic employed by mediaeval pardoners flogging pigs' bones as holy relics.’



/ˈpärd(ə)nər/ /ˈpɑrd(ə)nər/


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French.