Definition of paregoric in English:



  • A medicine consisting of opium flavored with camphor, aniseed, and benzoic acid, formerly used to treat diarrhea and coughing in children.

    ‘Medications used in this approach include paregoric, tincture of opium, phenobarbital, benzodiazepines, and chlorpromazine.’
    • ‘Calomel, which was used in conjunction with paregoric to treat diarrhea, later was found to be a deadly mercury poison that actually made the diarrhea worse.’
    • ‘Do not use teething lotions, powders, whiskey, or paregoric (because it has opium in it).’
    • ‘Opium tincture and paregoric are similar products that are both extracts of opium and are both primarily employed as antidiarrheal agents.’
    • ‘He is more self-indulgent about his agues, fevers, constipation, and other ills, and goes into detail about the remedies for same - among them, paregoric, laudanum, chamomile, and an otherwise unidentified bark tea.’
    soothing, alleviating, sedative, calmative, calming
    painkiller, analgesic, pain reliever, sedative, tranquillizer, anodyne, calmative, opiate, bromide



/ˌperəˈɡôrik/ /ˌpɛrəˈɡɔrɪk/


Late 17th century via late Latin from Greek parēgorikos ‘soothing’, from the verb parēgorein, literally ‘speak in the assembly’, hence ‘soothe, console’.