Definition of parenteral in English:



  • Administered or occurring elsewhere in the body than the mouth and alimentary canal.

    Often contrasted with enteral

    ‘parenteral nutrition’
    • ‘Total parenteral nutrition was administered preoperatively, and complications were monitored.’
    • ‘Central venous catheters, often used to deliver parenteral nutrition to preterm infants, can act as a nidus for infection.’
    • ‘The available clinical evidence leans heavily on parenteral therapy of inpatients with pelvic inflammatory disease.’
    • ‘This is particularly true for DNA vaccines, combination vaccines, vectored vaccines, and vaccines administered in a parenteral depot fashion.’
    • ‘In a survey of the field nine years ago I was optimistic and foolhardy enough to believe that soon many of the parenteral vaccines would be administered via alternative routes.’



/pəˈren(t)ərəl/ /pəˈrɛn(t)ərəl/


Early 20th century from para-‘beside’ + Greek enteron ‘intestine’+ -al.