Definition of paretic in English:




See paresis

‘No significant differences were found between the VT of the paretic and the healthy sides in patients during quiet breathing.’
  • ‘The ventilatory response to CO2 was similar on the right and left sides in control subjects, whereas it was significantly higher on the paretic side than on the healthy side in patients.’
  • ‘Nonetheless, how can we explain the observation that in two of the eight patients the VT on the paretic side was either similar or slightly greater than that of the healthy side during VH?’
  • ‘During quiet breathing, equivalent tidal volumes were achieved by the paretic and healthy hemithorax.’
  • ‘But confine them in hell for their paretic assumption that there is no alternative but their own groove.’



/pəˈredik/ /pəˈrɛdɪk/