Definition of pareu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpärāˌo͞o/ /ˈpɑreɪˌu/


  • A kind of sarong made of a single straight piece of printed cotton cloth, worn by Polynesians.

    • ‘A clingy body stocking complements a floor-length skirt with a pareo tied at the waist for flair.’
    • ‘A young man, semi-naked with a pareu around his waist, lies on a woven palm leaf mat on the floor of the house.’
    • ‘Donned with its matching pareo, this suit can stray far from the seaside.’
    • ‘Best of all, each suit comes in a linen pouch that converts into a low-slung pareo.’
    • ‘The guide book continues, ‘The multi-coloured pareus of the vahine contrast with their ebony hair, bathed in the raw tropical sunlight.’’
    • ‘It's easy to while away a whole day just walking up and down the beach, exploring the many makeshift stalls where vendors sell everything from tropical-hued pareos to homemade coconut bread.’
    • ‘I put the matching pareo over my suit and slid on my raffia sandals.’
    • ‘Twenty men emerge in tie-dyed pareu covering their bodies.’
    • ‘One painting I saw in a show at the Honolulu Academy of Arts - Modern Times, by Chris Campbell - shows a young Hawaiian woman dressed in a red pareo, her black hair knotted atop her head to reveal a tattoo on one shoulder.’
    • ‘The best souvenir of Polynesia, to my mind, is an inexpensive, colorful pareu, known elsewhere as a lava-lava or sarong; you can buy them just about anywhere.’
    • ‘In the 1920s, aloha shirts might be made from kimono lengths from Japan - elaborately printed silk or plain blue and white - or from big-patterned florals in English cotton, like the wrap-around pareus Gauguin's Tahitian women wear.’
    • ‘There were colorful pareos, wrapped for wear in sundry ways by Tahitian women, who can get by with half a dozen as their entire wardrobe.’
    • ‘With their vibrantly coloured pareus clasped with mother-of-pearl shells, their long black hair - sleek, shiny and scented with coconut oil - the women simply take your breath away.’
    • ‘The beloved long pareo, the swimsuit cover-up of choice for so many years, has shrunk to next to nothing.’
    • ‘School children and the men of the village formed a guard of honour from the wharf to the marae where the governor general and her delegation sat amidst a spread of mats, tivaevae and pareu.’





/ˈpärāˌo͞o/ /ˈpɑreɪˌu/